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May 8, 2019
Pipe Tee Supplier in China
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May 8, 2019


Quality Flanges Supplier

Hebei is undoubtedly the quality flanges manufacturer in China. Being a quality flanges supplier, there are numerous items which we offer that come under the umbrella of pipe elbows. A few of those which we manufacture are tees, blind plates, elbows, pipe caps, non-diameter tubes and flanges. We offer these products in accordance with customer’s specifications.

We are in operation for over a decade as a cheap flanges manufacturer in China. We know how to win and retain the customers through our ideology of quality first, remain service-oriented and customer satisfaction. We offer our products to all over China through our offline sales and distribution channel. We also have a dedicated 24/7 department whose sole purpose is to maintain quality as a buy quality flanges supplier through our quality management system, which adheres quality standards.

We are the most reliable and quality flanges supplier who has a variety of flanges to offer. Some of the flanges that we produce are a blind flange, fittings application welded neck flange, and high-quality butt welded flange and flat weld flange.

Quality Flanges Supplier and Flanges Manufacturer in China

As far as blind flanges are concerned, they help in sealing the end of the pressure vessel or piping system. The common usage of the blind flange is to test the flow of liquid or gas through a vessel or pipe. We offer blind flange with a flat face, raised face and RTJ facing.

Apart from blind, we offer weld neck flange. This type of flange is commonly used in process piping. In comparison with other flanges, weld neck flange is heavy (because it is made up of superior quality stainless steel) and a bit expensive too.

As a flanges manufacturer in China, we also offer butt weld flange. We have this flange with all the dimensions and grades. This type of flange is used for connecting two pipes. We also offer a flat weld flange, which is used to join with a pipe or vessel.

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