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Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are manufactured for any piping and plumbing systems. There are multiple specialized fittings offered by each best pipe fittings manufacturer China. Below are pipe fitting kinds available everywhere.

Types of Pipe Fittings with Functions

1. Elbows

Elbow is a kind of pipe fittings used to change the flow direction. Elbows are offered, typically, in two standard types – 45 and 90 degree angles. The elbow with 90 degree is used primarily for connecting hoses to valves, water pumps and deck drains. While, 45 degree fitting is used, mostly for pipeline networks in chemical and electronic industries, agriculture, garden production, solar-energy facility and facilities for water supply.

2. Couplings

A coupling comes under the wing of pipe fittings. Couplings are used for stopping leakages in damaged and broken pipes. The pipes for the connection should be of exact diameter. There are two kinds of couplings used in plumbing projects:

  • Slip coupling
  • Regular coupling

Regular couplings are arranged between two pipes for the prevention of further leakages with the help of gaskets or rubber seals on either sides. Slip couplings themselves carry two pipes for repairing the damaged pipes.

3. Union

Union is a pipe fitting almost a carbon copy of coupling in terms of functionality. The difference is that a union can be erased any time while coupling is not able to do this. Various dielectric unions are utilized for joining the pipes made up of distinct materials for avoidance of any type of galvanic corrosion among each other.  Union pipe fittings have male and female ended threads along with nuts.

4. Adapters

An adapter is also a pipe fitting connected with pipes to either increase or decrease the lengths. Or if pipes don’t have adequate ends. These type of fittings make the pipe’s ends either male or female threaded according to the needs. Adapters are used for copper pipes and PVC pipes.

5. Nipple

Nipple is a short butt of pipes that functions as a link between two other pipe fittings with male threads. They are used mostly in plumbing and hoses.

6. Reducer

Reduce pipe fitting is used for minimizing the pipe’s flow size from bigger to smaller one. There are two types of reducers:

  • Eccentric reducer
  • Concentric reducer

Concentric reducer comes in the shape of cones used for step by step reduction of pipe’s size. The eccentric reducer contains one edge that faces the mouth of a connecting pipe which reduces the odds of air accumulation.

7. Flanges

A flange is another fitting used for connecting pumps, valves, pipes and other parts of to form a strong piping system. They are made with flexibility to easily inspect or clean he entire system from inside.


Pipes are fixed with flanges through screwing, threading or welding techniques and then sealed with bolts. They are utilized in residential pumping systems and mostly for industrial purposes.

8. Barb

Barbs are also part of pipe fitting used for plumbing projects. It has one end with ale thread while its other end has a single or a multi-barbed tube.

Wrap Up

There are some more types as well. However, above mentioned types are offered by almost every quality pipe fittings supplier.

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