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A pipe fitting is a crucial component for the piping system to join various pipes of different or same sizes. The components categorized in piping system include nipples, unions, elbows, tees, and couplings. Pipe fitting is a most-selling part for every best pipe fittings manufacturer in china. The pipe fitting parts are utilized to repair, join, or install tubing systems. The system for repairing or piping convey liquid, gas or sometimes, solid materials. There are different parameters to look for before getting any fitting. The parameters include the size of the pipe fitting in diameter terms, shape, stuff, and wall thickness as per pressure in the pipes.

Variants in Cross Fittings, Pipe Cross

A cross fitting has four direction transition in fields of a pipeline.

Reducing Cross – This cross type is also known as unequal pipe cross. It is the cross which has four branch ends that are not same in diameters.

Equal Cross – The equal cross is a branch of pipe cross. Similar to an equal tee, the equal cross means the entire four ends of the cross have the same diameters.

Attributes of Pipe Cross

Three female openings are there in the T-shaped pipe cross.

  • There is a straight pipe cross that has similar size openings.
  • Reducing pipe cross consists of one opening of various sizes. Also, pipe cross has two openings of the same sizes.
  • Sanitary pipe cross are also available that are offered by Pipe Tee Manufacturer in China in different waste lines. These kinds of pipe cross has a curved branch which is constructed for the purpose of a cleanout plug.
  • A crossed pipe cross has four uniform-sized female openings.
  • A pipe cross called wing comprises of lugs for fastening the fitting to a stud or wall.
  • A compression pipe cross utilizes compression fittings on two or more peripheries.
  • A test pipe cross contains a threaded opening. The opening is used in concert with the threaded plug.

Tips to Buy a Pipe Cross

If you make a plan to buy a pipe cross in bulk quantity from any Pipe Tee Manufacturer in China, you should be tactful about following points:

Pipe cross-type – whether seamless or welded

Thickness of wall

Dimension and Size

Economy and durability

High temperature and pressure resistance

Resistance to corrosion

Uses of Pipe Cross

The best Pipe Fittings Manufacturer China produces pipe cross for different industrial together with commercial applications. A few of the industrial uses are mentioned below:

  • Pulp or paper
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical processing
  • Textile
  • Refining
  • Power generation
  • Marine and waste treatment
  • Automotive work
  • Gas distribution and compression industries

Wrap Up

Pipe cross is always a recommended component for the industrial fluid power system.

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